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    Who We Are

    Support and Consulting in Information System

    SCOSSI INGENIERIA LTDA (Soporte y Consultoría en Sistemas de Información) is based in Bogotá, Colombia providing professional I.T. consulting services for over 21 years. We have extensive experience in software development focusing mainly in the petroleum industry and our portfolio of products includes:

    Development of information systems for the petroleum sector in Colombia:
    -Volumetric accounting of for oil production, drilling and pipeline operators.

    -Optimization of transport processes, regulatory control and billing (transport, port charges, etc.) of crude and refined petroleum..

    -Consulting in volumetric processes: planning of the transportation of petroleum, implementation of the regulatory requirements for pipeline transport, volumetric compensation by grade and billing.

    Software Factory
    Analysis, design, development and support. Development in various formats including; ASP.Net, Java, PHP, Business Objects and Share Point.
    - Support Services (OUTSOURCING).
    - Outsourcing providing specialized contract staff in software development and the integrated management of information systems.

    In order to provide the best professional services and products, we have an establish infrastructure, qualified staff and experience in various specialty fields, technologies and regulatory compliance. We will be happy to discuss with you how SCOSSI can provide the quality service and products that your company requires.


    - TRANSPORTING - System of Management of Tankers
    - Midas - Management Documentations
    - Sofi – Inventory System and imports


    This system manages the routes, vehicles, product types, provider companies and transporting companies. Tracking the different process.

    Scheduling vehicles.
    Validating vehicle capacity
    Quality data register and volumes at the origin and destination point
    Detailed information for the transportation guidelines
    Control of the routes
    Register for the checking of inspected elements.

    Data base SQL – SERVER .NET
    Interface with Microsoft Excel

    Integral Management Of Files - Midas Oleoducto Central S.A. Ocensa

    Management of active physical, semi-active and inactive files for the group of companies.

    Platform And Tools
    Data base SQL – ORACLE


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